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Choosing Exclusive Rings for the Special Day

A wedding ring is the most important jewelry piece for a woman. Traditionally, the ring was kept hidden, meant to be a big surprise for the bride. Today however, the trend is to choose the wedding rings as a couple. Many women plan their wedding rings ahead of time; therefore, it is best to discuss your plans for jewelry shopping early on. You can reach a suitable jewellery designer or jewellery manufacturer and choose a unique design to make your wedding special. A wedding ring’s true worth lies in its representation of the commitment and affection shared between a couple. It is much more than just a financial expense. It narrates the emotional bond between the newlywed couple.

Many wear wedding rings for the rest of their lives, and it is therefore important that the design be approved of by the wearer and his/her spouse. One's lifestyle should be considered before choosing the rings, bearing in mind that they should adorn as well as accentuate the hands. If you use your hands for manual labor, choose a ring with a hard stone that will not be affected by your type of work. On the other hand, if you lead a life of leisure, you have the option of choosing a luxurious and flashy diamond.

Diamonds are very popular gems for wedding and engagement rings. Everybody knows that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and the pleasure of receiving one on the most important day of your life is priceless. Aside from diamonds, you can also consider rubies, emeralds, pearls, etc. for this purpose. Rubies are known to be very valuable and beautiful; with their red color they give a very classy look to a wedding ring. Rubies can be found in all shades of red, from light pink to dark purple. Emeralds are another of those rare sophisticated gems with a velvety look and brilliant luster.

In terms of the metal used for a wedding ring, white gold, yellow gold and platinum are the three most popular metals. White gold is considered to be less expensive than platinum. Since they do not have the yellowish tinge and that extra bright appearance, they do not mask the brilliance of diamonds. Hence they are used widely in combination with diamonds to make varied jewelry designs.

When selecting from the exclusive range of designs, price also becomes a factor and white gold is generally less expensive than other metals used in jewelry. White gold does not tarnish like silver and gives an appearance similar to platinum.

There are many jewellery manufacturers that can be contacted online; in fact, they even have many jewellery designs displayed online from which to choose. White gold jewelry carries an elegance that puts it on the list of hot items for most women.

The last five years have seen a trend toward platinum wedding rings; its elegant white luster gives a different appearance from yellow gold. In addition, platinum is more durable than white gold and does not tarnish over time. Its soft color goes best with diamonds. Platinum rings also go well with delicate antique designs. You can look for a good jewellery designer to design an exclusive gold or platinum ring for your special day.