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Fascinating Silver jewellery Items for Your Collection

Over the centuries, silver has been used extensively in jewellery items. Silver ornaments are known to be affordable with a classic look. With their fascinating shine and gleam, they are often preferred to even gold items. Aside from the metals and gemstones, jewellery design is an important factor in deciding the overall worth of a piece. In ancient times, silver was also used to make money and household items; however today, its major usage lies in creating charming necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery items.

With the increasing popularity of silver, there has been a significant increase in the variety of silver designs as well. The fact that it is much easier to work with silver as compared to gold also accounts for this phenomenon; artists as well as artisans produce numerous silver jewellery designs every year. Since silver earrings and studs are generally small and inexpensive, women love to add different silver earrings and studs to their collection.

You may choose from a spectrum of silver jewellery designs for your special occasions. Silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, egg pendants, etc. come in a fascinating range of designs and patterns. You can easily find diamond rings as well as bracelets: the combination of silver and diamonds gives jewellery a brilliant appearance. Silver retains its luster and is extremely versatile. Silver jewellery can easily go with all kinds of outfits and can even be used for daily wear. Among the younger generation, silver is more popular in the form of key-chains, rings and charm bracelets. If you are seeking to give someone silver, you even have the option of personalizing it by engraving their name on the item.

Skilled craftsmen and jewellery designers work together to create varied innovations and styles. The past few years have witnessed a recent upsurge in the number of people looking for silver jewellery. One main reason could be the cost. Silver is extremely inexpensive and gives an exceptionally elegant look to the jewellery. Gold costs almost five times more than silver, and silver jewellery is almost as popular as gold. Any jewellery store is likely to feature the latest silver jewellery items for all occasions.

The clean beauty and pallid radiance of silver gives it a very subdued and sophisticated look. Gold generally does not suit all types of skin tone while silver does in almost all cases. There are various jewellery designers and manufacturers offering a vast array of jewellery designs to match your taste and requirements.

Silver is known to reflect light much better than other metals; this luminosity makes it highly popular. Besides beauty and elegance, another important benefit of using silver as a jewellery item is that it has many health benefits. When worn as a bracelet or other ornament, the silver is absorbed through the skin and has a pain-relieving effect, contributing to the popularity of silver bracelets. Moreover, silver jewellery is quite durable and tough; its durability can be further enhanced by the addition of copper, with just enough copper to make the jewellery strong.

However, you need to be a little more cautious if you are passionate about adding silver jewellery to your collection. Silver requires a bit more care than gold to ensure that it looks its best. This is because silver can easily darken or become tarnished. Cleaning and polishing your silver jewellery will prevent it from becoming tarnished. Ask your jeweler for suggestions on how to keep your silver jewellery clean.