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Fashion Trends in Jewelry for 2010

The trend in winter jewelry this year has been towards bold, asymmetrical designs with a great deal of texture, in colors taken from nature. Wooden beads with visible graining and "striped" stones (like agate) have been popular, adding visual texture. In general, mixed components are drawn together by color and texture, both key elements in the designs.

Judging from the most recent "jewelry-on-parade" affair, the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, trends are sticking with the chunky and showy, with diamonds galore. All-metal jewelry is popular too, with chunky and often hammered components. Although white metals can be found here and there, the yellow metals are most commonly seen, particularly in shades of rose to deep gold.

Last year's layered necklaces have not disappeared, but they have become more compact. Although celebrities can still be seen wearing necklaces with heavy, chunky designs, the trend is toward a more subdued look, for practical reasons (cost, weight). Nevertheless, celebrities are usually on the cutting edge of style: the jewelry they wear today may be in the retail stores in coming seasons.

As always, economy and culture play highly important roles in the development of fashion jewelry trends. Today's fluctuations in economy have brought about a change in attitude, which is reflected by the modifications and alternations that have been made in the jewelry industry. According to the fashion pundits, the 2010 jewelry trends are:

"Statement" necklaces: These range from oversized metal flowers as pendants to stone-studded circular flowers which sit demurely at the collar bone—the emphasis is on necklaces that attract attention to the neck and make a loud statement.

Chandelier earrings: This is an Indian concept that has been around since 2009, and remains popular this season (some excellent examples of this style could be seen at the Cannes Film Festival, see separate article for that event). This is an exotic piece, which is particularly suited to enhancements with embedded garnet, topaz, black diamond or pink gold stones.

Colorful leafy bracelet designs: Leaf cutouts, feather or flower motifs, embellished with crystals and twirled around the wrist are the talk of this season's parties. The variations on this theme are endless, and produce some of this season's most interesting and eye-catching designs.

According to the fashion experts, jewelry in 2010 is all about bold designs, adding a touch of drama while keeping to an eclectic, natural look.