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Gold Jewelry - Journey from Traditional to Modern

Gold has always been the most highly prized metal, adorning people for ages. It is the softest of all precious metals and is coveted for its shine and warm color. Beautiful gold jewelry has played a significant role in different cultures and societies around the globe. Egypt was once the source of most of the world’s gold production. Italy is another prominent nation in the history of fine gold jewelry designs.

As the traditions are presumed to be ancient and deeply important, traditional gold jewelry was designed to symbolize specific cultures and to make ornaments such as necklaces, brooches, earrings, rings and bracelets, among others. Today, this gold jewelry is still treasured by all, and the unique designs still remain unparalleled. These adornments were passed down from one generation to the next, accompanied by the traditional stories of the respective cultures.

The processes adopted by jewelry manufacturers in the 4th and 9th centuries BC are still employed by jewelry designers today.

Gold still remains the first choice for jewelry lovers. It is believed to be a status symbol by most. In modern-day fashion, jewelry still reflects its cultural influences. A variety of necklaces, pendants, bangles, rings, anklets, bracelets and cufflinks made of gold can be stacked for ethnic wear combos. These jewelry pieces can enhance your wardrobe by giving an eye-catching look to your attire. Gold ornaments are also worn at less formal occasions, such as birthdays, as well as at wedding celebrations. Gold rings are available in matchless and unique designs. They can complement your attire for every occasion. Women's gold rings come in the most beautiful and exclusive designs as well. You also have the option to personalize the jewelry, such as gold name necklaces combined with gems or stones.

As today's gold prices spiral out of control, most people are opting for gold-plated ornaments. A wide range of gold-plated jewelry is available in the market. In addition, more and more people are gravitating toward lightweight and classical jewelry items. There are many jewelry stores that have magnificent collections of gold jewelry, and which provide service both offline and online. Eyebrow piercing has become quite the trend among fashion lovers, and gold piercings are all the rage. Your jewelry collection must also have some lightweight jewelry, as this can be easily flaunted with any kind of dress style.

Gold has been a well-known metal for centuries and it continues to be popular with all age groups. Today, you can easily obtain elegant gold jewelry designs as they are widely available over the internet as well. You just have to browse the online stores and select from the displayed patterns.

Bridal jewelry is expected to be beautiful and to combine well with the colors and textures of the wedding dress. Gold is most popular for wedding occasions; it is not only popular with the bride, it also adorns the couple's friends and relatives. The popularity of gold jewelry is resurging, due to the significant increase in the variety of jewelry designs. Because it is "skin-friendly", gold jewelry can be seen everywhere, from college campuses and offices to special occasions such as weddings. Fashions come and go but one thing that has remained constant for centuries is gold jewelry.