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Realizing the Vision

Tal Azulay has a vision: a vision of what a jeweler should provide. He is in business — sure. But that is far from the point. Tal believes that jewelry design and production should be about quality, never quantity. As a businessman, he has the drive to succeed, the ability to manage a team. He carries an air of authority: he is in full control, and he knows how to get things done. But Tal Azulay is first and foremost a jewelry designer, and his atelier exists to share his jewelry designs with the world. No more, no less. At Tal Azulay Jeweller, the client is important, far more than just a consumer.

Quantity sold? Less important. The latest piece of jewelry produced? The latest collection? The whole point. Tal is a very lucky man: he lives his dream of imagining, creating and producing beautiful jewelry every day. From the idea for a piece, to setting it down on paper, to translating it into metal and adorning it with precious stones, this is Tal's obsession—the thing that drives his atelier, and the highly skilled craftspeople that work there.

Tal holds to the traditional, time-tested notion of what a jeweler's atelier should be: it is a small, bustling workshop, tucked discretely away in the city center. It has only a handful of jewelry craftsmen, but they are the best—their skills finely honed by years of experience. His design team is small, but enormously creative. And when one steps into his atelier, one gets a sense of family: a warm atmosphere, brimming with creativity and skill.

Tal may hold to tradition, but he is no stranger to progress. Alongside the jewelry crafters who are busily working their trade, be it carving the wax molds for casting, setting stones in the casted gold, or finishing and polishing the final piece, there sit some very impressive machines: Leica microscopes, a Galloni system for molding and casting, a SiroLasertec engraving system, and a state-of-the-art Solidscape printer hooked up to Rhino 3D software. This last machine, still quite rare and unique, has truly revolutionized the art of jewelry making. The jeweler's design is visualized in a highly accurate 3D image which is then "printed out" in very fine layers of wax that eventually produce a 3D mold, ready to be casted, and then refined by hand. This unique combination of tradition and progress best defines Tal Azulay Jewellery.