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Tal Azulay Jeweller - 21st Century

Strategically located in the center of  Tal Azulay Jeweller's atelier is the last word in computer technology for jewelry designers: a Solidscape 3D printer hooked up to Rhino 3D modeling software. Rhino touts their software as "a playground for [the jewelry designer's] imagination and a workbench where…ideas become masterpieces." With Rhino, the jewelry designer can create a 3D model of an idea, and then fine-tune it until the perfect rendering is achieved.

Once this is done, the data is sent to the Solidscape printer where a wax casting is created, ready to be handed over to the craftspeople who will transform it into the finished piece. Today's market is driven by consumers who have become more demanding — they know what they want and know that whatever they want can be gotten. Rhino is designed to satisfy. Where once an approximate design was sketched on paper, today the client can see exactly what they are getting: and Tal Azulay Jeweller is all about client satisfaction. Thanks to Rhino, the client can present the designer with an idea for a piece of jewelry.

The jewelry designer then interprets that idea and rather than working from an approximation, he/she can provide the client with a highly accurate 3D rendering of the piece. In this way, the clients know exactly what they are getting. Combine this with the highly skilled jewelry crafters at Tal Azulay Jeweller and client satisfaction is guaranteed.

The finished piece can never disappoint. Far from taking the creativity out of jewelry design, Rhino 3D modeling software simply ensures that the idea and the finished piece will match, perfectly. Nor does the computerized process eliminate the handcrafted look that makes Tal's jewelry pieces unique. The piece is still handcrafted, the result is simply made predictable. What you see is what you will, in fact, get.