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The Eternal Aura of Jewels

Jewelry inspires awe and admiration that is incomparable to anything else. A beautiful, scintillating piece of jewelry enchants, attracts and holds people's attention. The person wearing the piece basks in its glory and rare are those who can outshine its brilliance.

The glamour of jewels does not necessarily lie in their size. A large piece will undeniably draw attention to itself but it is the unstated that matters above all. The design—the coming together of nature’s gems and human creativity—is what defines and enhances the unrestrained sparkle that bedazzles.

Fashion jewelry has evolved over the years, and just when one thinks that it is becoming repetitive, it reinvents itself. With every trend the bar is raised on what constitutes excellence, and parameters continue to be redefined. Exquisite, bespoke fashion jewelry, which seeks to represent the person it adorns, is a work of art that is meant to continually stretch the boundaries of the creativity that brought it to life.

In the design of fine jewelry, the vision of the designer, the effort invested in putting a piece together, the sheer attention to detail, the desire to make a piece different and more elegant than what has already been done, shine through. Creativity is never redundant. It seeks to outdo itself at each step. This is the hallmark of commitment to quality par excellence and beyond.

Designers can play with a bevy of materials and emerge with a piece that is a cocktail of brilliant gemstones set in a material that brings out the best in the design. The result is a mix that is intoxicating and enthralling. Gold in its yellow, white or rose variants is much sought after in jewelry, predominantly with gemstones.

Diamonds have been and continue to be the most revered and desired gems. Diamonds of different sizes are cut to bring out the stone's true brilliance and the piece's charm. Set in gold, these gems make for fine jewelry that undeniably raises the glamour quotient of the person wearing it, with little or no effort. It is not artificial bling but the pristine, shimmering glamour of a piece well designed.

Hand-crafted jewelry is valued as the result of the process and is a marvel in and of itself. It gives clients something that is far from the assembly line. For many people, their jewels represent who they are. It has to be something that stands out from the ordinary. It is worked upon and developed while bearing in mind the individual inputs on what exactly is being sought. It is desired by people with developed and refined tastes. Often, it is the sole initiative of a designer to weave magic with materials for an exclusive piece that invites accolades from patrons and the public alike.